A 100% homegrown player in France’s renewable energy sector
Boralex has been developing and producing renewable energy in France for 20 years.

Boralex is committed to the French energy transition

Boralex is a renewable energy leader that arose alongside the major French conventional energy companies in 1998. A young, agile company mindful of its impact, Boralex wishes to accelerate France’s shift to a sustainable energy model for future generations.

In less than 20 years, the company has become the country’s largest independent producer of onshore wind power. Today, Boralex operates close to 800 MW in France across some 50 wind, solar and thermal sites. It stands out from its competitors through its proficiency in the use of many renewable technologies as well as its vertical integration: its entire production is generated by assets it owns.

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    An integrated operator
    Boralex commits itself to the communities for the long term. This means prioritizing the insourcing of skills, know-how sharing and transfer within the company, with a higher degree of responsiveness, continuity and commitment… all to better serve the communities.
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    Innovative wind power projects
    The repowering of the Cham Longe Wind Farm and the commissioning of storage batteries at Comes de l’Arce are two key projects that will be developed in Ardèche starting in 2019.
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    Solutions adapted to each community
    Boralex develops tailored, innovative solutions with frugal capital investments based on the “Jugaad” principle.

A culture built on agility

Boralex is an agile, horizontal organization. Its culture is based on the ability of its employees—mainly generation Y and millennials—to take initiative.

They feed and strengthen the company’s intrinsically responsible stance and its determination to limit the impact of its activities. They guarantee the company’s ability to act immediately, and to find bold solutions to resolve local problems.

Boralex’s technicians embody the company’s pioneering spirit. Thanks to the proximity of the maintenance centres (all located less than two hours from the sites), these skilled individuals guarantee one of the best response rates in the market and are fully involved in controlling the industrial asset.

* Jugaad: Indian concept of innovation, which advocates doing more with less, i.e. a frugal approach based on creating simple but effective solutions.

Boralex, an “augmented rurality” player
The very nature of Boralex’s industry and its DNA make it a committed player in the heart of the communities. These communities are for the most part sparsely populated, with low tourist and economic potential. Boralex contributes to mitigating the rural exodus by recreating a local dynamic and industry-based on a more active, enhanced rural culture that is proud of its heritage.
It provides solutions to the communities and contributes to making them attractive to families, and competitive for businesses in a global context of digital, energy and ecological transitions.
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    Generating economic and financial spinoffs for communities and residents
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    Allowing communities to reclaim the issue of energy
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    Developing capital openness and crowdfunding
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    Acting to preserve heritage and the local way of life
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    Offsetting the impacts of our activities

Together, let’s accelerate France’s energy transition… by producing low-carbon, sustainable energy

Boralex wants to be the driving force behind France’s energy transition. With no risk of conflict of interest with other energies, Boralex is investing massively in the exponential development of its green energy production capacity. Willing to commit for the long term and develop custom solutions for each communities, Boralex is setting the stage for a new French energy model.

Boralex commitments: “sustainable by design”

Committed to supporting the communities

Boralex works with elected officials and residents to develop the existing heritage and improve the local quality of life. Boralex is a leader of local renewal, of an “augmented rurality” in which educational paths based on local conditions are multiplied, heritage is restored and local businesses are revitalized. It supports communities in developing the life of the village, with a view to initiating a new type of appeal for tourists and promoting heritage.

Shared values and commitment to WWF France

WWF France has been working with Boralex since 2011 in all the environmental aspects of its projects. This partnership, renewed in May 2017, guarantees a close collaboration to protect species and their habitats while developing wind power to the fullest. It includes providing expertise on the preservation of species and land, submitting findings during public inquiries and furnishing diagnostic assistance.

An all-around partner Thierry Tissandier / Elected municipal official in Avignonet-Lauragais “There’s the church, the village and the wind turbines. This has created a stronger dynamic in the commune, which is all the richer thanks to its association with Boralex. For a village of some 1,400 inhabitants, it’s a stroke of luck. The town supports this new relationship that all citizens must have with energy.” A continuing presence Paul Viardet / Mayor of Buxières-sur-Arce “Even after the construction of the wind farm, Boralex maintains an ongoing positive and reassuring contact to answer residents’ questions. We know that we can count on them.”